What happens to your body every day when you eat (2) bananas.

Potassium is a vital nutrient present in every cell of the body, which is used to produce the electrical charge that keeps the cells working properly. It also helps to keep your heart rate steady, triggers release of insulin to control blood sugar, and supports an optimal blood pressure.

Healthy adults are encouraged to consume between 3,500-4,700 mg of potassium per day, depending on lifestyle and other factors. An average banana contains about 450 mg of this vital nutrient.

Benefit #2 for bananas: Supporting healthy blood pressure.

Most of us think of sodium specifically when we want to lower our blood pressure. In fact, it’s a delicate sodium and potassium balance that maintains a healthy blood pressure.

It is estimated that less than 2 percent of all adults in the US meet the recommended daily intake of potassium, which means that for many of us this vital balance is far off.